Be still. Breathe.


Capture the benefits of aromatherapy on the go with our new Breathe In... essential oil inhalers.

Our stylish, pocket-sized aromatherapy inhalers provide the emotional support that essential oils can offer within seconds, allowing you to create moments of wellness and comfort without interrupting your daily flow.

Filled with a choice of healing and nurturing essential oil blends, our reusable inhalers are crafted from glass and aluminum to provide an eco-friendly aromatherapy ritual to support your day.


Why choose to use an inhaler?

  1. The inhalers are the perfect size for your pocket or handbag, making it simple to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go.
  1. Inhaling scents is the fastest and most effective way to receive aromatherapy benefits, making the inhalers the perfect way to gain support from your essential oils.
  1. The aluminum inhalers are eco-friendly and reusable, so you are supporting the environment while maintaining self-care.
  1. Inhaling your scents means the smell won’t linger for those who wish not to wear essential oils.