Thanks for stopping by the Essentially Oil'd Australia website. My name is Penny and I am the founder of Essentially Oil'd Australia. I am a mother of two young boys (currently aged 8 and 6) and am studying my certification in Aromatherapy through the Australian College of Aromatherapy.

I had used essential oils for years without really taking the time to research the true therapeutic benefits if used correctly. My eldest son was diagnosed with Down syndrome soon after he was born and through my research I found that essential oils can be hugely beneficial in treating a multitude of ailments without the need to turn to pharmaceutical medicines.. simply put, they became a really valuable tool in my tool box!

I was using a very popular brand of oils but soon found that the cost was prohibitive which is what led me to find another supplier who's products were also of the highest quality without the huge price tag. 

I chose to sell the Plant Therapy oils so that I could help people purchase the same 'tools' without having to spend huge amounts of money, meaning everyone can hopefully afford to have oils for their family.

I am passionate about these oils and ensuring that I can provide my customers with informative, helpful and most importantly SAFE information about using oils on all members of their family.

I look forward to working with you to support your family in better health!

 ~ Penny ~