One look at our KidSafe line and you can probably guess that it’s safe for kids. And it is! But there’s a whole lot more that went into creating the KidSafe products. Let’s take a closer look at the process so you can know exactly what you’re getting every time you order one of the KidSafe blends or singles. 
At the time that the KidSafe line was launched back in 2014, there were no essential oil products on the market with kids in mind. So the Plant Therapy team realized they could make a huge difference by creating essential oils that are safe and effective for your children. Plus these essential oil blends would specifically address the needs of kids, whether it’s a runny nose, trouble sleeping or issues focusing in school. With that in mind, they went to industry-leading expert Robert Tisserand for help.
First things first. If there was any extra caution with an oil, it simply did not make our KidSafe list.  For example, oils high in menthol or 1,8-cineole, like Peppermint or Rosemary, were excluded because they can cause breathing concerns with young children. Ylang Ylang also didn’t make the cut because it’s a potential skin allergen. What you’re left with is a list of essential oils that are completely safe to use on children when properly diluted.
Armed with a selection of KidSafe single oils, Robert Tisserand and the Plant Therapy team set out to create a line of effective and safe synergies. For any Plant Therapy blend, they created a list of criteria that it must meet. The blends must work, be safe, smell appealing and be affordable. Any KidSafe blend has the added criteria of needing to be absolutely safe for use with children.
And here is some other fun facts!
  • These are not just diluted versions of “adult” synergies. They are specially formulated to contain essential oils that are gentle, yet effective for children. That way, we’ve taken the risk out of choosing.
  • Every KidSafe product is 100% pure, free of any additives, adulterants or dilutions.
  • Since they are gentle and don’t come with risks or cautions associated with other essential oils, they’re a great choice for the elderly or anyone looking for a gentler option.
  • They’re not just for kids! Adults can absolutely use and enjoy these blends. Not only are they great for beginners, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

What does this mean for you?

Whenever you’re shopping for blends or singles, you can trust that when you see the KidSafe logo, it’s completely safe to use on your little ones. There’s no guesswork, no wondering, no risk. You can even shop our line of KidSafe pre-diluted roll-ons! Each one comes at the correct dilution and is ready to go.